This week we open up the giant can of worms known as…


The poem this week is called “Changes”. I get pretty mad. Click that play button and have a giggle.

Writing a poem about someone you admire? Cute

Writing a poem about a photo of someone you admire? Super weird.

Do I want to be different? Or the same? Who can tell when you’re 15 and trying to use big words?

Are you ready for your weekly dose of cringe-worthy melodrama?

It’s time once again for…

Terrible Teenage Poetry!

I’m so very excited to share my new series with all of you! allisonmacd presents:


Where I read silly poems, diary entries, song lyrics and the like that I wrote as a teenager. 

This week, I go on about locking doors and rats liking cheese.


Groping and Alanis Morissette. It’s the final day of Vloguly.

When I get bored, I bake!

Happy Moon Landing Day! (yesterday :P)

Sometimes you get sleepy and start rambling.

Coming home and I LOVE SAMPLES!