For all you hookers out there, a nice gentle chevron stitch!

Crochet. Gotta love it.

You’ve got butterflies in your stomach! You kind of feel like you’re gonna barf! You’re entirely stressed out! It could only mean one thing: You’re going on a FIRST DATE. Here’s how to not screw it up :) 

Who doesn’t love grilled cheese? Or as I used to say…girl cheese!

1-888-STOPCALLINGME! This week on The Rules: telemarketers. Ugh. 

This week on The Rules, I have a confession (or two)  

What do grandmas and popped-collar d-bags have in common? Find out on this week’s episode of The Rules!

Sometimes you need to look fancy.

This week on The Rules : How to Tie a Tie

From an obvious expert ;)

It happens to the best of us once in a while. This week on The Rules, how to get over a creative block. It’s like an enema for your brain.

If there’s one thing you don’t want to be, it’s a bad kisser. 

This week on The Rules : Kissing

Avoid certain death*

This week on The Rules…shovelling.